Building & Roofing Materials

Green construction practices bring together a wide variety of different techniques and practices that intend to reduce and ultimately eliminate the negative impacts that building has on human health and the environment. It often is capable of emphasizing the advantage that comes from using renewable resources such as using photovoltaic, passive and active solar and other techniques like rain gardens and green roofs and rain water runoff reduction. Many other techniques are used as well, such as using concrete or asphalt as a means of enhancing the replenishment of ground water. Creating green construction techniques that are effective is about systematic attention to the life cycle impacts that resources place in the act of building rather than acting as a random jumble of environmentally friendly techniques. The building’s complete life cycle is carefully planned and considered before any construction begins.

There are a number of materials and other resources that are used in Green Construction & Roofing including building & roofing materials that are rapidly renewable such as:

rethyroofSustainable managed lumber
– Bamboo
– Straw
– Dimension stone
– Recycled metal
– Recycled stone
– Other non-toxic products that are either reusable, renewable or recyclable such as:
– Linoleum
– Sheep’s wool
– Trass
– Paper Flake Panels
– Baked Earth
– Clay
– Rammed Earth
– Flax Linen is your source for electric trucks and hybrid trucks as well as all things renewable and sustainable when it comes to construction. Whether you are looking for solar energy panels or renewable and sustainable natural resources like Sisal and Vermiculite, is your connection to the sustainable resources and other green construction elements that you need to get your sustainable or green construction project jumping off the papers and into life. By combining smart and efficient practices regarding energy use and resource use with sustainable resources that buildings can be crafted from, green construction can create environmentally friendly building sites at only a slightly higher cost than traditional construction.

Despite the cost increase, green construction is a significantly improved practice because it impacts the environment fare less, giving our world a chance to re-grow its rainforests, wetlands and open spaces that were previously wiped out by non-sustainable, harmful building practices. For more budget friendly options, please visit an affiliate roofing contractor of ours at Chesterfield Roofing. If we don’t carry what you have in mind, we promise that our friends will.